Welcome to the blogosphere, there are no rules. Take what you can and give what you want. Feel free to leave comments and questions if you have any and I will do my best to avoid spelling mistakes however I do have rather fat fingers and the tremors of dyslexia lending their helping hands with my grammar. Life is all about experiences and the ability to share experiences with other people is a beautiful thing. Life, leisure, business pleasure you will find it all right here with a bit of motivation to get you over that hurdle or the loser hiding behind their keyboard firing abuse your way.

Life is full of surprise, and you never really know what’s around the corner which really is one of the most exciting prospects. Every decision you make is a decision that can determine your future. While some decisions are more difficult than others at the end of the day defining moments in time are momentes we can’t pass by too often. We are all on a journey we just don’t always know the destination. Along the way we will experience hurdles, we might fall down but the best we can do is offer the best that we have to offer. Never second guess what you are capable of, try and do something daily that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Enough sappiness it’s time to have some fun listen to some music and share some crazy genius the world has sculpted from the magic of creation. That was an attempt to sound intelligent I will leave you to decipher whether or not it even makes sense.
Thanks for visiting and please don’t leave empty handed.
Hope to see you again soon.
Cam :)

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Ok Cam I think im nearly officially following you on nearly all social media stuff. I think I qualify for a meet and greet. Dont you??
    Lotsa love to u Cam xxx

  2. You have such beautiful words cam! X you are such an amazing person. I admire you so much! 🙂 I hope for one day i can meet you in person! I see everyone on Twitter saying all this stuff about the. Having great times with u , well I want to make a memorie with u! I would just love to meet you one day x

    1. Hey Shania,

      Thanks so much for your incredible comment! It would be awesome to meet you. Creating memories is actually my favourite thing in life. The opportunity to make a memory with you quite honestly would be the most awesome thing ever! I hope you’re having an incredible weekend! xx

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