13 Reasons Why Season 2

This is a major win for 13 Reasons Why fans. Netflix have renewed the show for another season. Selena Gomez announced via Instagram that the show she has been co-producing had been renewed for a second season. 13 Reasons Why has become the most tweeted about show of 2017, including it’s fair share of controversy. […]

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Viceland Now On SKY

  What: VICELAND Where: SKY Channel 13 When: Today, 1pm Why: Because it’s AWESOME! VICELAND is a brand new TV channel to New Zealand which will be available exclusively through SKY. Overseen by Oscar®-winning film director Spike Jonze I can guarantee this is something you need to witness. The 24-hour channel will feature all-new shows […]

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Bad Neighbours 2 Review

You’re probably familiar with Bad Neighbours. Who wouldn’t want to see Zac Efron on the big screen. If you’ve seen the original movie you’ve pretty much seen the second movie. The storylines are very similar which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I do feel like they’ve re-used some of the funniest parts of the first […]

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Jungle Book Review

I can’t say I’ve ever read or watched the original Jungle book but I saw the trailer for the 2016 version and I immediately fell in love. I love animals so much so that alone sold it to me but I was more intrigued to see how the movie was made and how realistic the […]

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The Boss Movie Review

Melissa McCarthy is back with the hilarious new comedy The Boss. No matter what kind of comedy you like you’re guaranteed to love this hilariously inappropriate movie. I like the fact that the humour in this film is clever. Yes there are penis jokes and they are immature but there is more depth to the […]

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War Review

I was super excited to see The Huntsman: Winter’s War but found it somewhat underwhelming. I feel like the storyline is what let it down. Whiel it’s not exactly a difficult storyline to follow I couldn’t help but wonder what is the point. The plot definitely dragged in some places and while I’m not the biggest fan […]

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Harry Styles Lands Acting Role

One Direction are currently on their hiatus which has a lot of people wondering if the band will ever come back from their hiatus (we have faith). Going from being in the biggest band in the world to just having free time must be an extremely hard transition for the boys of One Direction and […]

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