Hoodies and Jackets from ILU

It’s that awkward time of the year where you wish it was warmer than what it is. You wish you could just be rocking shorts and a t-shirt when in reality you still require a hoodie or a jacket in the evening. It’s a little too warm for a massive jacket so I’ve been through […]

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Tommy Hilfiger

I hadn’t ever owned a piece of Tommy Hilfiger clothing until I went to America earlier this year and found the most amazing Tommy outlet store downtown Las Vegas. One of my biggest regrets was only buying two t shirts. I could have brought so many more things but I just didn’t have space in […]

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Harry Styles Merch

Harry Styles has kicked off his world tour and with that comes his new line of merch. By no means was I expecting a generic line of merch from Harry but he has gone over and above with the line he is offering. It’s not often that it would be possible to buy one of […]

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Jaded London

If you don’t like sparkles or bright colours this might not be the post for you… If you do like a shimmer and looking like a rainbow then this is the post for you. A friend recently introduced me to an english brand called Jaded London. I hadn’t heard of it before which is possibly […]

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Manuka Doctor

For me personally my skin is a massive factor when it comes to confidence.  If I don’t feel like my skin is looking good I definitely struggle with confidence. I started using the Manuka Doctor Fine Radiance Serum about a year ago when it was included in a goodie bag that I was given. Since […]

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