Sequins At ASOS

As I am sure you have probably figured out by now I love a anything that’s shiny. I remember when I was a kid going to watch my sister’s dance shows and I loved all of the costumes. I always loved the costumes that had sequins on them. It makes me so happy that there […]

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Fresh At Federation

Federation has always been one of my favourite Kiwi brands and I feel like their latest season is their best yet. There are two things about this season that I am loving. The colour scheme and cuts are on point. I am loving the earthy tones. The cuts of the jackets/sweatshirts are really doing it […]

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Country Road Homeware

Here I was oblivious to one of the most beautiful things in the world. Somehow I never realised that country road have homeware. I was killing some time in the mall the other day when I explored beyond the mens section of Country Road and wandered into one of the most beautiful thing’s I have […]

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Nicknacks From Nood

My current obsession is homewares. I have just moved into a new flat and being in a new space has inspired me to create an environment that I enjoy being in. It’s one thing to enjoy the home that you are living in but there are lots of cost effective ways to put your own […]

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HP AMP 120 Printer

There are three places you will find me. In the studio talking about music, at home listening to music, or out on an adventure capturing memories in the form of photos. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a speaker and a printer built in one. If you’re like me and you’re looking for a way […]

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Nike Air Max

I have just recently discovered the Nike Air Max range and I know what you are thinking… ” CAM where have you been?!?” I know I know I need to get out from under that rock and start living life. I promise I am going to do exactly that! But right now I have to […]

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Steal Her Style – Dua Lipa

As you have probably figured out by now I am a massive fan of Dua Lipa… I am also a massive fan of tracksuits. The fact that Dua Lipa wears a lot of tracksuits isn’t a coincidence. While she was in New Zealand she wore the most incredible tracksuit for the first show opening for […]

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Tracksuits By Adidas

By now I am sure you know how much I love tracksuits. I’m always scouting the internet to find another colourful number to add to the collection well have I got some treats to share with you today. I already have a couple of Adidas options so I thought it might be nice to continue […]

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Oxipay is a smart new way to shop that allows you to budget for your purchases. If you are spending between $20 and $1500 Oxipay allows you to pay by 4 fortnightly payments instead of paying the entire sum up front. There are a whole bunch of retailers in New Zealand who are offering Oxipay […]

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Converse Tracksuits

I first saw the Converse Chevron Star Track in an Instagram photo Miley posted to promote her upcoming collaboration with Converse. If you haven’t already noticed from my instagram I love a good tracksuit so I did what all tracksuit loving people would do and tried to track down a Converse Chevron Star Track for […]

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