HP AMP 120 Printer

There are three places you will find me. In the studio talking about music, at home listening to music, or out on an adventure capturing memories in the form of photos. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a speaker and a printer built in one. If you’re like me and you’re looking for a way to conserve space on your desk all of your dreams just came true. HP have created the most genius invention. A printer with a built in speaker. The HP AMP is your one stop shop for creating everlasting memories while blasting all the tunes you were listening to while creating those memories.

Overall I am super impressed with how easy it is to use this product. There are hints displayed in logical places to help you perfect the set up of the printer. The display is easy to understand. The buttons all clearly labelled. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the speaker. Don’t open the box expecting surround sound but for the sake of space saving (which this is designed for) the quality isn’t bad at all. I did notice there was a bit of a rattle. this was being caused by the paper feeder but I tried placing paper on the tray and the weight of the paper was enough to hold it in place and prevent it from vibrating. Alternatively you can fold the paper feed away and again the vibration stopped. The paper feed has a size guide to help you when printing photos. I don’t think it would have been possible to create a product that would be easier to use.

If you are hoping to use the printer with a laptop or desktop computer it comes with software for XP and Vista:32-bit 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Version 43.2 and OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra. To use the printer with a computer that doesn’t connect to WiFi you will have to purchase a USB chord as it isn’t included in the box. There is a USB port located at the back of the printer next to where you plug in the power chord you can connect to your printer through this chord.

Wireless Printing from a Laptop: 

  1. Connect the printer to the power and turn it on.
  2. Connect your laptop to the wireless network “HP-Setup<F5>AMP”
  3. Click print on the document/photo you wish to print.
  4. Select the printer.
  5. Collect your printing.

Using The HP Smart App:

  1. To download the app just search “HP Smart” on the App Store, Google Play or Windows 10.
  2. Connect your phone to the printer’s wifi network.
  3. Open the HP Smart app
  4. You can print photos and documents wirelessly, scan to an email address or scan using your phone’s camera or the built in scanner on the printer.


  1. Press the Bluetooth button located next to the volume up (+) button on the front of the printer.
  2. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone select HP AMP and connect.
  3. Use the controls on your phone or the front of the printer to control the song and volume.

Inserting the ink cartridges. 

It’s always a good idea to read the instruction manual before using a new piece of technology but if you’re like me and in the excitement of opening the box and using your new toy is too much to sit down for some light reading HP have you covered. There’s a colour co-ordinated guide for where the ink cartridges sit. The coloured in cartridge (purple casing) goes on the left. The black (black casing) goes on the right. Hopefully this will save you time.

 Charge Your Phone.

I feel like we don’t have enough power points for all of our gadgets these days. HP have thought this through perfectly. Not only are we combining the printer and speaker in one (removing one powerpoint) they have included a USB charging point at the top of the printer (to the left of the paper tray). Essentially that is 3 devices all being powered through one powerpoint.




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