HP AMP 120 Printer

There are three places you will find me. In the studio talking about music, at home listening to music, or out on an adventure capturing memories in the form of photos. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a speaker and a printer built in one. If you’re like me and you’re looking for a way […]

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You might be enjoying the new IOS emojis but they’ve got nothing on Emotiki. If you haven’t heard Emotiki is the worlds first Māori emoji app. It is available on Android and IOS so you’ve got no excuse not to use it. One of my favourite features is the New Zealand wildlife it represents. There […]

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Ideas come and go, sometimes we miss them and sometimes we spend so long thinking about them that we forget to put them to action. Whether you’re a creative person or you think more mathematically or logically we’re all capable of creating ideas it’s what we do with those ideas that counts. Do you ever […]

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