You might be enjoying the new IOS emojis but they’ve got nothing on Emotiki. If you haven’t heard Emotiki is the worlds first Māori emoji app. It is available on Android and IOS so you’ve got no excuse not to use it.

One of my favourite features is the New Zealand wildlife it represents. There is no other place you will find Moa, Kiwi and Tui emojis. There are emojis to represent poi, hāngi and the waka. The name emotiki comes from a combination of emoji and tiki so it makes sense that there is a whole bunch of tiki emojis to represent different moods sleepy, happy, crying or sad. There is even a tiki wearing a Santa hat for the next festive season. All up there is 200 emojis to represent Māori and Kiwi culture.

New Zealand has such a rich heritage it’s important that we fully understand the culture that has shaped our country. Emotiki is a simple and fun way to acknowledge Māori culture.

The App was developed by Rotorua’s Te Puia. It is 100% free and is compatible via messaging, email, select social media platforms, assign to contacts, and more.


To find out more and download the app Click Here

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