Tracksuits By Adidas

By now I am sure you know how much I love tracksuits. I’m always scouting the internet to find another colourful number to add to the collection well have I got some treats to share with you today. I already have a couple of Adidas options so I thought it might be nice to continue the theme and see what they’ve got. The only criteria I had when searching today was the fact that it had to be Adidas and it had to be colourful. I found all the these tracksuits on Urban Outfitters. The prices displayed are Canadian Dollars. Technology is too smart and I can’t work out how to change it back to NZD or USD.

adidas Anichkov Embroidered Hoodie Sweatshirt
CAD $99.00

adidas Anichkov Sweatpant
CAD $130.00

adidas V Stripes Anorak Jacket
CAD $160.00

adidas Stripe Wind Pant
CAD $104.00

adidas Franz Beckenbauer Track Pant

adidas Anorak Jacket
CAD $82.00


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