Steal Her Style – Dua Lipa

As you have probably figured out by now I am a massive fan of Dua Lipa… I am also a massive fan of tracksuits. The fact that Dua Lipa wears a lot of tracksuits isn’t a coincidence. While she was in New Zealand she wore the most incredible tracksuit for the first show opening for […]

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Tracksuits By Adidas

By now I am sure you know how much I love tracksuits. I’m always scouting the internet to find another colourful number to add to the collection well have I got some treats to share with you today. I already have a couple of Adidas options so I thought it might be nice to continue […]

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Adidas Footwear

I am really loving Adidas footwear lately. They’ve got so many different styles and they’re all so different. I am loving some of their boot looking kicks and some of the mid cuts are pretty awesome as well. I feel like Kanye has been an influence in where Adidas are heading with their shoes. Here […]

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Complete Outfit Under $250

I like an outfit with layers. I like an outfit with detail but most of all I like an outfit I can actually afford. I took a quick look at Urban Outfitters sale tonight and put together an outfit under $250 it includes everything from a hat to the shoes. Check out the sale and […]

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The Iconic Haul

  Occasionally there comes a time when you need to have a little revamp of the wardrobe get a few new things to spruce things up and get you excited for the upcoming season. It’s that time of year when it’s not hot but it’s not cold. It’s time to delve into the online store […]

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All Black Everything

If you don’t follow rugby you might not have realised that the Rugby World Cup has been going on the past couple of weeks. If you’re not from New Zealand rugby is our national sport. We have a team called the All Blacks and we won the World Cup on Sunday morning. We’re the first […]

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Shoe Time

      It’s slowly getting warmer which means it’s almost time to trade in the high tops for low tops. If you’re in America that transition to high tops will slowly be happening as the days begin to get colder. While New Zealand summers are quite warm during the days it’s always good to […]

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Outfit Of The Day – 1

This is a casual look that I’m loving. Personally I am not a massive fan of white shoes unless you’re going for a casual look. I really enjoy white shoes with joggers/sweat pants. Sweat pants with an elastic or fitted cuff are awesome with a baggy sweater. If you’ve got a favourite university get your […]

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