Bazzi – ‘Mine’

Bazzi real name Andrew Bazzi has been planning his music career for as long as he can remember. In a recent interview with Billboard he explained that being a rockstar wasn’t ever a dream he was imagining it.

“I would stand in front of these speakers, close my eyes, and imagine I was playing these guitar solos,” he recalls. “I can even remember to this day, me feeling like [I’m] actually in a stadium, playing music for tens of thousands of people, at the age of six. I wasn’t imagining monsters, or dragons. I was thinking about music.”

He is now 20 and has successfully managed to make his childhood dreams a reality. Not only have other artists been enjoying his tracks his music is beginning to make waves on the Billboard Hot 100. “Mine” is in it’s 3rd week in the Billboard Hot 100 and has jumped from 41 comfortably in the top 40 at number 29. Taylor Swift was the first artist to acknowledge Bazzi’s work when she added ‘Mine‘ to her “Songs Taylor Loves” Spotify playlist, which has more than 250 thousand followers. Anyone familiar with K-pop band BTS will know how dedicated their fans are. It’s no surprise ‘Mine’ has had a boost on the charts and on streaming services after BTS showed the track some love posting the following tweet to their account.


If my interpretations are correct this song is pretty self explanatory. It’s a love song. The thing I like about “Mine” is the fact that the lyrics are cute but they’re not completely soppy. I can’t stand some love songs for the simple fact that PDA makes me feel sick so listening to it in a song makes me feel uncomfortable. My favourite lyric is “I’m so f***ing happy you’re alive.” I feel like that is the dream in a relationship spending time with someone who appreciates you being there. This is one of those songs you really just have to listen to. It’s got an epic drop I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Listen below.



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