Fila Forever

As I am sure you are well aware I do love tracksuits. Lately I have also really got into chunky shoes. Mix the two together and you’ve got my dream outfit. Fila is a brand I have always been aware of but only recently have I discovered how cool some of their stuff is. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t brought something of theirs earlier. I did a steal your style on Dua Lipa after her show in New Zealand where she was wearing buffalo shoes. In all honesty I would love a pair but unfortunately they don’t make them in my size. Fila are similar and they do come in my size which is always ideal! Click the photos below to visit the Urban Outfitters online store.

FILA Kensington Anorak Jacket
US $99.00

FILA Logo Tee
US $28.00

FILA + UO Barnet Wind Pant
US $69.00

FILA Disruptor II Sneaker


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