How NEON can help you prepare for your next Tinder date … and more!

It is one of the busiest times of the year. There is so much going on between end of year parties, catching up with friends before Christmas and of course Christmas shopping, it’s easy to forget to take time out and chill. There is nothing better than tucking yourself into bed, pouring a cup of green tea, lighting a candle and scrolling through NEON to find a show to watch. You’re spoilt for choice with NEON. I believe there should be a purpose to everything we do in life including what we watch. If you’re like me and are looking for an excuse to watch NEON, I’ve got your back. Here are just a few reasons how NEON can benefit your life.
NEON prepares you for your next Tinder date, you’ll feel way less awkward after watching Dating Naked.

dating-nakedTinder… you either embrace it or you don’t. I’ve heard equal horror and success stories so I guess you just have to take the punt and give it a go. I can’t help but feel the pressure when you meet someone from Tinder for the first time. Will they look like their photo? Will they be easy to talk to? What do you wear? So many questions running through your head all at once. Fear not cyber friends at least you’re not butt naked when you meet your Tinder date. Dating Naked makes Tinder dating seem like a stroll in the park. Basically it is an American reality dating show which matches up seven contestants who are routinely switched with each other. Think Big Brother but these guys dating and oh yeah they are naked. Why would you be on the show you ask? The idea is that the contestants find love while partaking in challenges and going on dates. I know what you’re thinking. No clothes? Hope they’re somewhere warm. The show is filmed on a remote island so shrivelege isn’t going to be an issue.  Watch an episode and if you’re still feeling awkward about that upcoming Tinder date you’ve got 3 whole seasons to kick some confidence back into you.

NEON helps you test drive cars from the comfort of your living room with Top Gear.


If you are anything like me and you’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget then car shopping is probably somewhat depressing. Don’t kiss goodbye your dreams of owning a Range Rover, allow the boys from Top Gear to test drive it for you, save some coin and by the time you’re ready to test drive it yourself you will know exactly what to expect. NEON has season 18-23 so if you’re a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May you can go back and catch up on previous seasons before catching up with new hosts Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and Sabine Schmitz. Oh and if you’re a fan of Absolutely Fabulous you might want to check out episode 5 of season 23 because Jennifer Saunders is one of the guests and before you ask, yes she is HILARIOUS.

NEON teaches you all about fashion in Project Runway.

Fashion is one of the hardest things to keep up with. It’s not just about colour it’s about occasion, accessories, texture, style and shape… all things I had no idea about until watching Project Runway. The thing I love about Project Runway is it isn’t people who have hundreds of millions of dollars that can just go out and buy Balmain in bulk. It’s everyday people going to standard fabric stores and creating incredible outfits. Project Runway will be your inspiration to get out the sewing machine rather than going and buying clothes from a store. The best thing about custom making clothes is knowing that no one else will be wearing what you are wearing. I challenge you to see just how many outfit ideas you can come up with while watching an episode of Project Runway.
NEON helps you plan your wedding, all you have to do is watch Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
There is nothing traditional about these people and maybe that’s why their wedding days are so interesting. For most girls (and some men as well) their wedding day is the most important day of their life. No wedding is ever going to be quite as extravagant as the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. If you’re thinking of having a subtle wedding, you need to watch the show and do the complete opposite of what you see. If you’re planning a lavish soiree, then set this as your baseline and see if you can out do the Gypsies. When it comes to your wedding day and getting married I think it’s important to remember your priorities. Who needs a house when you can have the wedding of your dreams! From horse and carriage to dresses fit for queens Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has a little bit of wedding inspiration for everyone.

Well, whether you need some positive energy before a tinder date, some advice on buying a car, some fashion tips or even help planning your wedding just think of NEON as your fairy godmother. The only thing that is left to do is sign up for your 30-day free trial so your fairy godmother can start working her magic. Click HERE to visit NEON and get involved!

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