I Saved A Life: Vlog

  Ok, ok life has been pretty hectic the past couple of weeks. I was really looking forward to a sleep in on Sunday morning when my phone started ringing. Usually I would be annoyed about this but it was an opportunity… The opportunity to save a life. It’s not everyday an opportunity like this […]

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Spring Style From RPM

RPM is one of my favourite New Zealand brands they’ve got the perfect mix of simple with some awesome patterns thrown in there as well. Most of the stuff on their website is simple colours which make perfect staple items in your wardrobe. All the items I have chosen you could throw with something with […]

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City Explorer

One of my favourite things to do is grab my camera some headphones and set out to explore the city. While exploring the city it is always vital to make sure you’re looking top notch just incase you stumble across your future spouse. Keeping that in mind I’ve searched through urban outfitters to pull together […]

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Radio Behind The Scenes

When I used to listen to the radio I always wondered what was going on in the studio while the songs are playing… For those of you who don’t know I host a radio show in New Zealand and if I am not eating chicken nuggets this is what I do while the music is […]

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What’s In My Bag

  I know in life that things don’t make you happy but there are some things I like to keep with me all the time that make me happy. I keep these things inside my backpack so they are always close by in case I need them. These are my happy things and this is […]

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TMI Tag Challenge

I am a little slow on the uptake so I am a bit late to the party with the TMI Tag Challenge but hey here it is. Questions: 1: What are you wearing? 2: Any tattoos? 3: Favourite Show? 4: Favourite bands? 5: Something you miss? 6: How old are you? 7: Quality you look […]

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