Cooking With Belinda Wasabi

For those of you who don’t know I have an alter ego called Belinda Wasabi. While I was away over the weekend I left her home alone and she decided to do some baking. Being a fitness modwell all you can expect is palio, gluten free health foods… She definitely doesn’t disappoint. I really hope […]

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The Colour Run 2017

I did the colour run in the weekend it’s a pretty wild time. If you’ve never done it before I definitely recommend it! It is a lot of fun! The colour run is a global thing so if you’re not in New Zealand get on google and check out the closest location and GET INVOLVED! […]

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Pain And Gain Review

Again this is a bit delayed but you might want to check this out before you go and see the movie, it is very different to what you might be expecting. When I went to the cinema I was expecting to walk away laughing not thinking too hard and ready to jump into the gym… […]

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