Radioactive – Cover

This song is old now but I just stumbled across this cover which I wanted to share with you. Kurt Schneider is one of my favourite YouTube covers artists of all time, I had never heard of Macy Kate Band until I watched this video and I absolutely love her voice. Check out this cover […]

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‘I Was A Fool’ Tegan And Sara

The piano is one of the most mesmerizing instruments ever created and this song’s piano is excatly that. Tegan and Sara’s latest album came out last year I am not going to pretend this is new music because it isn’t but occasionally it’s nice to find a song from an older playlist and redecover its beauty. If you’ve never […]

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Hobbie Stewart

Rihanna is a talented performer and has an amazing voice although recently she has gone off the rails somewhat living the rock star lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with living the rockstar lifestyle but when you start missing performances because you’ve been up all night partying not only are you letting your fans down you’re […]

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