Glitter Face

I’ve seen a lot of people getting involved in glitter this summer whether it be going to converts or festivals. The only issue is people are only half heartedly doing their glitter. When you’re dealing with glitter it’s all or nothing. Here’s a few pointers how you can get the most out of your glitter […]

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Win A Girl Power Prize Pack

Celebrate being a girl and make sure your eyes are “on fleek” just kidding I know I’m not allowed to say that any more. But I want to make sure your eyes are looking awesome and you’ve got some tunes to get you through the week. Register you details below to win a girl power […]

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Make Up, Fake Up

This is going to sound really cliche but I think girls spend way too much time putting on make up. If I’m being completely honest with you most boys are dumb and don’t even notice anyway. You see pictures of celebrities in magazines and you want to look like them, these photos are so photoshopped that no […]

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