Struggles to Strength

Life is about learning, its about growing and its about becoming stronger. If your life was perfect all the time you would lose all sense of passion, you wouldn’t enjoy the things you love doing and your life wouldn’t really stand for much. I strongly believe you have to experience some crap times to enjoy […]

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Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges but rather than being scared or intimidated by these challenges face them front on and show them whose boss. Chances are you are a lot stronger than you think. Right when you feel like giving up right when you want to quit remember why you are doing […]

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I’m not sure when or why it happened but apparently in society today you’re not supposed to show your emotion. How this helps anything I have no idea. The only thing it achieves is creating more uptight people walking around bottling up their feelings on the brink of explosion. Unfortunately it’s become the normal way […]

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