Break Free!

An over loaded plane will struggle to fly. An overweight dog will never be as playful. Put the wrong gas in your car it will never run as smooth. An overworked brain will restrain the successes you deserve. It’s Friday today have you once stopped to think about you, how you’re feeling and whether you’re […]

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Start tomorrow today!

I am living proof of this for a long time I’ve been waking up, going to work, going home and realizing that I’m really not making much of a difference. My ultimate aim is to make people smile. I want to entertain people that is what I live for. I wasn’t 100% happy in my […]

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Set Sail

People are ships couldn’t really be more opposite, if you’re taking it for its literal meaning. Put the literal meaning aside for a minute and it quickly becomes obvious that if we feel too comfortable we’re not going to achieve anything more than what we’re currently achieving. If we don’t push ourselves to try new […]

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    So often you hear someone saying I’m a failure but really if you’re trying your not failing. You might not be succeeding but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. If you try you’re one step closer than anyone who doesn’t try. Too often we are left wondering what might have happened. Well why not […]

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