Branching out

Music is something that everyone can relate to but we don’t always interpret the meaning of songs in the same way. As people change in time so does their taste in music. I’m not going to pretend I don’t listen to comercial music for a while the only songs I listened to were the top 20 songs. However it quickly becomes notable that there is only so much Lady GAGA and One Direction you can listen to. Join my journey to discover new music of vast genres and various artists if you haven’t already I definitely recommend you make yourself a Spotify account.

Spotify gives you two options you can take the free option or pay monthly to unite music across all your devices and remove the ads, lets be honest an ad free world would be a great world. On Spotify you can set up your own playlists and as you discover new music you can add it to your playlist of choice. While developing your own playlists you can listen to your friends playlists and see what songs they have been listening to which is an awesome way of keeping up to date with the latest music and re discovering some old tunes you used to love.

If you are looking of ways to find new music next time you’re watching your favorite TV show open Shazam on your phone and when you hear a song you like Shazam it. Next time you get on Spotify take the list of songs from your Shazam and add them to your Spotify playlists. This is something I have been doing recently and it is amazing some music you discover in TV Shows. Some massive US tv shows really like to incorporate New Zealand music which is awesome. I guess that’s enough Jibber Jabber I’ve got a few songs for you to check out!

To this day Bastille Pompei is one of my favorite songs. The band is reasonably young just 3 years old they formed in 2010 in London if you want to check out more of their music their debut single was “Overjoyed” and their second single “Bad Blood”

Right something a little more recent Krewella “Alive” was released in February this year and you will definitely be hearining more of it on New Zealand radio Airwaves in the months to come.

One of the most highly anticipated songs of 2013 there were a number of different versions leaked online but the official song is right here. Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams “Get Lucky” This song is going to be HUGE!

Hope you enjoyed these songs I am off to descover some more music to share with you.

Hope the weekend has treated you well.

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