Taylor Swift Red – Auckland

Where to start… INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, INSPIRING, LIFE CHANGING… PERFECT. Just a few words that come to mind when I think about Taylor Swift’s Red world tour. It is crazy to think she has performed this show so many times over but still she is so excited about it so blessed to be doing what she loves and so humbled that people want to share her music and share in her experiences. There is nothing more beautiful that music bring a group of people together and for that one night 10,000 people were all there for the exact same reason. That reason was to hear Taylor Swift’s message and experience some of the most personal things she’s experienced in her life time.


Taylor is one of the few people that pour their heart and soul into everything I do while this is an amazing attribute it means heartbreak is so much worse for her. People always talk about the songs she’s written calling her a Slut or saying she gets around and I get why you might think that but if those people actually took the time to go to one of her shows and experience her message they might think a little differently about her.

taylor2Taylor spreads a message of hope, she is inspiring, beautiful and most importantly she is real. She isn’t afraid to show her true colours and whats what I love about her so much. She is just like you and me she knows what it is like to have her heart broken. Her music is an open diary of the hard times she’s experienced, it’s an insight into the happiest days of her life and put them together in a concert, pain the town red and you might begin to understand how incredible her show actually is.


Countless costume changes, pyrotechnics, dancers, an areal lap of the arena and heart shaped confetti and you have a small snapshot of the elaborate stage show that is the Red World Tour. It is so much more than a concert. It is so much more than a stage show. It is a concert come stage show using elements from both genres to merge a hybrid show that hans’t ever been achieved to such a standard. She really does defy gravity interns of an onstage show.


There really isn’t anything negative to say about Taylor Swift. She has thought about every way she can get closer to the fans (Red Room, B-Stage, areal loop of the arena) she gives every single person in the arena at least one moment in the show when they feel like the most important person there. It is a skill that can’t be learned. She is a born natural performer and I can’t want for her next album and tour. If you missed the Red tour I really hope for your sake that a concert DVD is on the way!!!



I did manage to track down this video it’s the entire show but it isn’t the best quality hope you enjoy it!

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