Cups Of Cats

There are people and then there are cat people. While some cat people poses most the normal traits of a human there are some that have a little something extra. These special cat people with a bit of extra specialness are my kind of people. They surroud themselves with lots of cats. They surround themselves with lots of cat thing. Cat t-shirts, cat pyjamas, cat beanies, cat biscuit tins, cat shaped ice in their drinks but most importantly they drink their tea from a cat cup. Here are some of my favourite cat cups…


Plum & Bow Cat Face Mug
USD $12 NZD 18.99


I Heart My Cat Mug
USD $10 NZD $15.83


Most Days I Wish I Was A Cat Mug
USD $8 NZD $12.66


And for some cat people a cat cup just isn’t enough…
White Cat Tea Set
USD $45 NZD $71.21

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