Shelves And Racks A Place To Store Nick Nacks.

One of my favourite things about decor is finding cool ways to store things. I am obsessed with clothing racks. They can add an urban or industrial feel to a room. I love music and have always wanted to start a collection of vinyls. I’ve never brought any because I wasn’t really sure where to keep them. Id you’ve had the same thought this vinyl cube could be the beginning of a new collection. The bathroom is one part of the house that never has enough draws. I always struggle to find a place to keep all of my stuff a wire hanger for the wall is a tidy way to keep those nick nacks in the bathroom. This is something that every house needs at the front door. A wee spot for an umbrella and a place to hang your jackets. All of these items are available through Urban Outfitters. click the photo to view the item in the online store.


Standing Clothing Rack
US $89.99


Half Cube Vinyl Rack
US $109.99


Astor Wire Shelf

US $39.99


Coming And Going Coat Rack
US $64.99

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