Fashion Inspiration Ashton Irwin

Ashton has always been my favourite member of 5SOS and since following the band for a while I’ve come to appreciate his fashion choices. All of the 5SOS boys have a base colour of black in their wardrobe but they do mix it up with a few funky things every now and again. Ashton likes to take his pillow pet with him when he’s on the road. He definitely nails the casual laid back look and makes all of his outfit choices seem effortless.


Ashton is rocking a leather jacket, grey speckled t-shirt, black jeans and black lace up boots.


Here he’s repping a dark grey and white striped loose fit long sleeve t, black skinny jeans and black lace up boots.


I love this cut of singlet. If you’re new to wearing singlets or have wanted to give them a go but you’re  a bit nervous try this to start things off. It’s a wide cut singlet, hiding more than a singlet usually does will still allowing you to work on your upper arm tan.


This is one of my favourite looks, grey fitted long sleeve, black skinny jeans and black boots topped off wiht a pair of black sunglasses. Ray-Ban wayfarers or something similar would suit this look.

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