Jaden Smith Style Inspo

Growing up in the limelights has it’s positives and negatives. For people who don’t want to be in the spotlight it can have detrimental effects but occasionally celebrities and their children use their position to influence others in a positive way. Jaden Smith is one of those people who has always been in the public arena. From a young age he was in front of the camera, making music and of course is the son to Will Smith. As he has grown older his style has become a prominent part of his life. For a long time he probably felt the pressure to dress a certain way or look like guys are “supposed” to look. Now he is pushing the boundaries adopting a gender fluid outlook on life. Why can’t a guy wear a dress? According to Jaden they can and they will.

Here are a few of my personal favourite looks from Jaden Smith.


This is a casual look and could be worn out for dinner, to a movie or just hanging out with friends. I wouldn’t recommend this one in the warmer months as the black would get rather warm in the heat of the sun. If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with this look a pair of Converse, Vans, Docs or even a pair of Nike/Adidas casuals would be perfect.


I really just wanted to include this jacket because it is awesome. The jacket is by Gypsy Sport available for $475 USD HERE


Another one of Jaden’s awesome jackets. One thing I love about this look is the colour matching. The shoes match the hat and the blue jeans match the jacket. If you’ve got a few different items in your wardrobe it’s always fun to mix and match the colours.


This is a perfect example of Jaden in a gender fluid outfit… Shirt is optional when you’ve got a body that good!

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