One Direction – ‘A.M.’

It’s probably not news to you that I am a massive fan of One Direction but please can we take a moment to appreciate the gem of a song that is A.M. it’s just such a tune and the feels make it all the better! As soon as I hear Harry’s voice from the first word I just can’t help but smile until the song finishes. When it does finish I hit replay and continue listening to it for about 30-60 minutes… minimum.

This song is relevant on so many levels. I feel like most of the time in life I don’t really know what I’m doing or where I am going but occasionally there are times when everything just feels so good. It all seems to make sense and for a brief moment in time you’re completely content in what is happening around you. In the meantime we all just spin some yarns and try to find our way.

I feel like this song is so underrated and everyone should just bask in it’s glory. ENJOY!



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