Canon G7X Review

I’ve been looking for a blogging camera for a while and recently a friend suggested I check out the Canon G7X it was a bit of an impulse buy but it is the best impulse buy I have ever made. I was looking for a compact camera which I would predominantly use to film videos. I needed something small that wasn’t going to hinder image quality which is what makes the G7X the perfect camera.

While the camera is light it remains sturdy and doesn’t compromise the quality you would expect from a Canon camera. I love the finish the body is painted metal with a speckled texture finish. The buttons and twist function toggles are also painted metal I really like the texture of the turn focus and function selector. The placement of buttons make sense and make it easy to operate.

The camera has Wifi functionality which enables you to easily transfer photos to your mobile device or laptop and use that device for remote shooting as well. While this functionality isn’t essential it is a nice touch and would be perfect for taking high quality photos at concerts enabling you to quickly upload them to social media. This is something I am really excited to try.

Because I film blog style videos and often don’t have someone operating my camera I really like the Flip Up Screen. If you’re a fan of taking selfies this will definitely help you out as well. Again this isn’t an essential but they really have thought of everything with this camera.

Some compact cameras require you to select a video function the Canon G7X allows you to easily point and shoot video with an Easy Record Button located on the back next to the digital view finder. If you’re turning on your camera to shoot action that is happening right then and there this definitely helps save time and hopefully get that action as it happens.

The Pop Up Flash is another touch I really like mostly because it reminds me of Wall-E but it is surprising how bright it is for it’s size.

The only gripe I have with this camera is it’s lack of zoom. I knew when I brought it that it didn’t have much zoom range but I thought it might have had a bit more scope than it does. This being said it depends what you will be using the camera for. Personally I won’t really be using the zoom all that often but if you require a big zoom range this probably isn’t the camera for you.

Shooting in low light is incredible on this camera. I would suggest this camera to anyone who is looking for a versatile camera that is video capable. If you’re looking at buying a DSLR but you’re not sure you want to spend over $1000 this is the perfect option. It’s below $1000 but has similar image quality to some DSLR cameras. The other benefit of this is you can take it to concerts where you’re not allowed DSLRs. The other obvious benefit is the size if you’re traveling this is the perfect size to throw in a backpack or take in a small carry case.


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