An Open Letter To Justin Bieber

Justin can I just start by saying that no one can ever understand what you are going through because no one has the entire world scrutinising everything that they do. I have always looked for the best in you and continue to do so but it is becoming harder and harder to see the light. I agree with the fact that you’re a human and you want to be treated like one but your fans are people too and I think they deserve to be treated like people.

It is understandable that you don’t want to do meet and greets or take photos with people in the street I get that can be overwhelming and it might take away from your creativity. At the end of the day you have to do what you think is right by you and your fans will always support you. When I saw your Instagram this morning saying that you don’t really like award shows I couldn’t agree with you more. They are so fake, so scripted and so organised. I get it. They call in actors to be in the pit at the front of the show. These aren’t your fans, sometimes they’re even paid to be there and act like they’re having a good time, it’s Hollywood nothing is real in that place I swear. It might be nice to be recognised by your peers for your creativity and art but at the end of the day if it isn’t something that is making you feel good then there is no point wasting your time with it. I don’t think people can listen to your music and judge it. Personal preference comes into music more than anyone can possibly imagine. What I like might be different to what you like which is different to what your friends like. If an award is for the most amount of streams or it gets the most amount of votes well yeah that is a statistical award but a lot of these awards are ‘Best Male Artist’ and how do they judge this? Personally I hate being judged and you are constantly being judged everything you do every move you make and it’s not cool but unfortunately it comes with the career path you’ve chosen.

When you got into music you probably never imagined in a million years that you would be where you are today and that’s totally fine but I remember the kid that posted videos on YouTube. I remember the cheeky kid who had a passion for music and I feel like the world has sucked the passion from you. This is super embarrassing but this is an open letter and I believe in honesty. When I was younger I always had dreams that we were best mates. Even though you are younger than me you were my idol. I appreciated your love of life.  I appreciated the way you were following your dreams and the amount of talent you had and still have. Please don’t let the media ruin you and everything you have worked for. Please don’t let a few negative people ruin this for the hundred of millions of people that love you.

I feel like a lot of the time it is a massively one sided story and I just want you to know that not everyone believes what the media is saying. Not everyone is out to get you. Some of us want you to succeed. Some of us want you to find your purpose and keep doing what you do do. It must be hard for you to trust people because of who you are… There would definitely be people that take advantage of you and your position which is crap! One video that I saw on Twitter recently really got to me but I know it’s all about perspective and no one really knows yours. Ok so this is the video that is going around…


In the video we see you leaving what appears to be a concert venue a bunch of fans ask for photos which is stupid of them because you’ve made it extremely clear to them that you’re not taking photos. The next part of the video is what I find confusing. You opened your window to say hi which is nice the fans would have loved that but next you throw what appears to be a fan gift from the window. What this video doesn’t show is the point that you get given the flag. Was it thrown in the window by one of the excited fans did they reach in the window and give it to you normally… That is something I will probably never know. If it was just thrown in the window that is disrespectful and I understand why you might have thrown it back out. It might have taken you by surprise. At the same time from the fans perspective in the heat of the moment maybe they just got a little too excited and threw it in the window not meaning to scare you or make you angry. This is what is so frustrating about the digital age. Things can look a lot different to what is actually happening. Even in videos the perspective can be so different to the reality. You are in an extremely tough place. You don’t put the window down and you get roasted for being an asshole. You do put the window down and you get stuff thrown at you. I guess In these situations you have to look after your safety first. Your true fans will understand your decision to not open the window. You true fans will always support you. There is always going to be the people who try and ruin you and tear you down.

I am not really sure why I wrote this I know for a fact that you will never read it but I just want you to know that there are some people in this world that are trying to understand you and you’re not alone. Everyone goes at their own pace. We all make mistakes the difference between my mistakes and yours are the fact that my mistakes go unseen by most. Yours are seen by EVERYONE and EVERYONE judges every single one of them I get that. I just wish we lived in a world where people could boost you up rather than trying to tear you down. I wish the media would give you a break and focus on the music. For some reason people like to know the ins and outs of celebrities private lives and the media use this to their advantage to sell magazines, get clicks on their websites and make money eventually make money. It makes me sad that your image makes other people money. It makes me sadder that they’re costing you your happiness. It’s not a healthy way to live and it frustrates me more than anything that you’re not the first and you won’t be the last star to have this kind of scrutiny.

Hang in there Justin keep those people who love you closer than ever and I hope you find peace again soon.

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