Troye Sivan & Alessia Cara Wild Live

I am a massive fan of this song but personally I way prefer live music than studio recorded tracks. Seeing and hearing a live performance is always better than listening to something recorded in a studio becuase it is real, it is raw and there is the potential for something to go wrong and I like that. Don’t get me wrong I never want things to go wrong but it is so incredible watching someone perform something that listening to something that has been digitally enhanced. I love Troye sivan and I love Alessia Cara I think they’re both so talented and love what they do but their voices don’t need to be enhanced. These are both artists who have started out on Youtube. We know what their voices sound like unedited we don’t need them to be enhanced. I believe editing voices is the same as editing photos, totally unnecessary. Life was ok before that technology was developed and it would be ok if people stopped using it. I hope there is a time when no music is enhanced digitally. I understand that there are digital instruments they still require talent and skill to play and get the timing right. Yes you have to have talent and skill for your voice to even be digitally enhanced I guess what I am trying to say is I like the rawness of an unedited voice. I like hearing the voice cracking I like to hear the tremors of nerves as the performance begins. That to me is music. that to me is an experience to me that is what I love. Watch the video below and drop me a comment do you prefer the live version or the recorded version?



One thought on “Troye Sivan & Alessia Cara Wild Live

  1. I prefer the live version more! There is something about the songs live that are just so incredible and I like the rawness of it too. It shows off the real talent in the voice, but even when they make subtle mistakes it’s still amazing because it’s real and unedited. Recorded songs are great but sometimes you think why the voice or voices had to be changed and why it wasn’t left it to how it sounds best.

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