If you haven’t heard of Vinomofo it is about to change your life (for the better). If you are like me and really enjoy drinking wine  but you don’t know all that much about it then this online store is definitely going to help you out. Until now I have stuck to red wine but I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and Vinomofo will give you the knowledge and power that you need to branch out and try something different. Vinomofo are a team of passionate wine drinkers who want to help you choose the perfect wine for your next occasion, meal or dinner party.

There are 50-100 deals daily to choose from depending on which type of wine you would like to drink. The wine comes in cases of 6 or 12, so perfect for trying a few and saving some for a later date. If you’re open to trying new options you can buy mixed cases as well. In a mixed case you will receive 6 bottles of a variety of your choice. If you know the type of wine you like to drink this is perfect for you to try a few different bottles and broaden the options next time you’re having a glass after a long day in the office.

One of my favourite features is the food suggestion. There are some wines that better suit specific meals. There is nothing worse than opening a bottle only to realise that the sweet wine you’re drinking doesn’t go well with the steak you’ve just cooked. You can avoid these bumps in the road by checking out Viomofo’s food suggestion. For example the bottle of Unicus McLaren Vale Shiraz would go well with something rich – slow braised lamb shoulder, ragout, steak and a really dream jus.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 3.00.05 PM

Personally I love picnics but you just can’t trust Auckland weather at this time of year so when I  prayed to the weather gods and they didn’t answer with a sunny day I decided it was a cheeseboard inside kind of day. You really can’t beat a winter afternoon inside with the heat pump on rain trickling down the window, a glass of your new favourite Shiraz in hand  and a cheeseboard to match. Of course these kind of afternoons require the best kind of company.


Lets just back track for a minute. A couple of days ago I placed my first order with Vinomofo I wasn’t 100% sure what to buy so I put my trust in the wine connoisseurs and they didn’t disappoint. In my mixed case I received a mix of reds and whites everything shiraz, pinot noir and pinot gris.  I’m not going to lie I haven’t tried them all yet so I can’t comment on my favourite bottle but for our afternoon of indulgence we decided to try the bottle of  Unicus McLaren Vale Shiraz. Personally I haven’t ever tried Shiraz but I do like red wine so this was the bottle I was most excited to try and it really didn’t disappoint. The wine definitely complimented the cheeseboard as it is quite fruity and was a great contrast to the flavours of the cheese board. I believe spending time with friends is the most precious time you have. It is important that you enjoy these simple moments. I am indecisive at the best of times and I just wanted everything to be perfect. Choosing wine is always difficult because there are so many different varieties but on top of that there is so many different brands. Vinomofo took away having to make the decision myself which is what I love so much about the website. If you know which wine you want you can keep an eye out for it in the sales. If you’re like me and need some direction with your wine selection then you’re definitely in luck. What’s even better is the wine is delivered right to your door. I believe pictures tell the story of 1000 words and this photo sums up my experience with Vinomofo.



Hopefully Vinomofo can help you make the right decision next time you’re stuck as to which wine you should buy.

I know I know I don’t want to be the fun police but please do drink responsibly!

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