G-Star Raw Prints

It’s been a while since I have whipped out something matching print… the reason being that people will compliment you on your outfit so the next time you wear it you feel a bit silly wearing the same thing. I do feel that a matching print outfit is a bit of a statement so you should always save those outfits for special occasions. One of my favourite things to do is mix and match different different outfits, matching print outfits belong together which means you can’t really make up a new outfit from various things in your wardrobe. I guess you could wear one item of a matching print outfit with another item but the whole point of a matching print outfit is that it should be worn together. Anyway, I had no idea that G-Star Raw did matching print outfits until today. They’re two completely different options but I love each of them as much as the other!

3Rovic Overshirt
NZD 260.00

4Rovic Loose 1/2 Shorts
NZD 180.00

2Type C Zip TX Overshirt
NZD 230.00

1Rovic TX 3D Tapered Pants
NZD 270.00

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