Best Friend Tag Challenge

My American bae was visiting from California so we decided to do the Best Friend Tag Challenge to see if I knew her better than me or if she knew me better than her.

Here is the list of questions we asked:
Andrea to Cam:
When and how did we first meet?
Who is my hero?
If you could go any place on earth where would that be any why?
What is your favourite colour?
What is my favourite food?
What is the name of my crush?
What is my biggest fear?

Cam to Andrea:
What is my favourite season and why?
How long does it take me to get dressed?
What is my favourite TV show?
Which concerts have I been to?
What am I really bad at?
What is my favourite animal?
Do I have any scars?

We also did the make up challenge on Andrea’s account check it out HERE


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