Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom is an area of the house that is often forgotten. It’s an area with a purpose and sometimes we get busy and forget to show the bathroom some love. This must stop. There are some really simple awesome ways that you can make the bathroom a lot more fun. Personally I love a black and white themed bathroom which is why I love the black and white American flag shower curtain. I hate washing so it’s important that you have a fun washing basket or bag. Bathrooms can be awkward in terms of storage so I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve to help you out there and well my personal favourite item in the bathroom is the bath mat it needs to be cute so I’ve got some inspiration there too! Happy bathing everyone!


Black + White American Flag Shower Curtain
US $34


Wash Me Scramble Laundry Bag
US $34


Charity Storage Side Table
US $129


Winking Cloud Bath Mat
US $29

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