Demi’s Taking A Break

Demi Lovato announced on Twitter today that she is taking a break from music and taking a break from the public eye. For a lot of fans this is the worst news but we need to understand and respect her decision. I think it’s clear that Demi has been going through a rough time lately.

It might be that tour life has got the best of her or maybe it’s because she hasn’t ever had the chance to be a child and it’s all catching up with her. Personally I think a care free childhood is something every person should have the ability to enjoy. Demi has been in the spotlight since such a young age, it would get tiring having people chasing you taking photos of your every move. I get that people make the decision to be in the public eye but people don’t always know the effect it really will have on them.

The cause of her announcement could be the recent spat she had with Taylor Swift and her squad. “This will probably get me in trouble, but I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body. It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like,” she said, according to Entertainment Tonight. In the interview Demi also addressed the “Bad Blood” video. “I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that’s not women’s empowerment.” Following this Demi’s Twitter feed turned into a battlefield to which she tried to explain herself…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is just one of those situations where she is caught up in the moment. Back in June she announced she was leaving social media but resurfaced again just 24 hours later. I think it’s important to remember Demi or any celebrity for that matter is a person and whether you think they’re reading your tweets or not your words could be harmful.

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