Posters By Iko Iko

Iko Iko is a store that I have walked past multiple times but I’ve never really ventured inside. In the weekend I decided to go in and have a look around. Literally all my dreams came true. there is so many awesome little things in the store. From candles to posters to the most awesome air fresheners ever. This week I will share a few of my other favourite items but today I wanted to share a few of their posters. Personally my room is really bare there isn’t much space so I haven’t really got anything on the walls but when I get a bigger room Iko Iko will be my number one stop and some of these will be plastered across my wall.


Iko Iko Poster Bey Fingers

AHD You Are Amazing Poster

AHD I’m Glad You Exist Poster

Iko Iko Poster Sleeping Genius


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