Made By Bee

I have just discovered the most delicious candles. The best thing about them is the fact they are made for men. I love candles but I don’t really want my room to smell like a florist or a fairy tea party. If you’re a dude or have a special guy in your life or maybe you’re a girl who like the scent of a man these will be right up your ally. Made By Bee has just released her range of ‘Mandles.’ It’s the most masculine candle you will ever come across. The smells are beyond amazing! My favourite scent is ‘Havana’ it smells woody with an incredible combination of spices. The other two mandle options are ‘Wiskey’ which has a sweeter smell and ‘Exotic Woods’ which is a bit more subtle than the ‘Havana.’ Christmas is just around the corner if you’ve been through the stereotypical guy gifts (wallet, fragrance, cuff links) then it might be time to branch out and give him a mandle. You’re not removing any of his masculinity you’re simply making his room smell better when you go and visit him. It’s a win win situation for everyone. The best thing about these candle’s they’re all hand made here in New Zealand. She has a range of candles and defusers as well so there is something for everyone I definitely recommend checking out her Facebook page for a full rundown of what she’s got to offer.

Click HERE to visit Made By Bee on Facebook. mbb

This is the limited edition Christmas candle.

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