Polo Ralph Lauren From ASOS

Polo by Ralph Lauren has always been one of my favourite brands but it wasn’t until I did some further investigation that I realised just the variety of items. It’s not just polos and hats. I just discovered their Chelsea boots which I am in love with. Cargo pants which aren’t the best going into summer but hey they are freaking cool. Everyone knows I’ve got  thing for bomber jackets and of course Ralph Lauren does a polo. It’s that awkward between season time it’s not warm enough for no sweatshirt but it’s too warm for a jacket a zip hoody is the best option because you can zip it open when you get too warm. All of these items are avalible from ASOS with free shipping. Click the photo to visit ASOS.


Polo Ralph Lauren Numan Chelsea Boots
NZD$ 517.76


Denim & Supply Cargo Joggers In Black
NZD$ 232.46


Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket In Jersey
NZD$ 232.46


Polo Ralph Lauren Plain Jersey Zip Up Hoodie
NZD$ 230.35

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