Broods – ‘Recovery’

Over summer I went along to Electric Coastline a New Zealand music festival that featured Broods, Kings and Theia. Broods was the last band to perform and they performed a song which I had previously heard on their album but seeing it live gave it another level of meaning. I did an interview last year with Romy from The XX and when I asked her what the inspiration behind one of the songs was she told me that they don’t like to talk about what their songs are about. The reason being music is interpreted differently by different people. One song might mean one thing to one person and something completely different to another person.  When I started writing this blog I wanted to tell you what it made me think and how it related to my life. On second thought I want you to listen to the song. Listen to the lyrics and see which part of your life it fits into. Feel free to drop me a comment below and tell me I would be super interested to see what vibes you get from the song.


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