Gaga Gears Up For The Super Bowl


It’s no secret that Lady Gaga is performing the Super Bowl half time show this year. She has built a stage in her backyard so she can practice. You might be thinking that sounds rather extreme but she has been preparing for this moment since she was four years old.

The thing I love the most about Lady Gaga’s opportunity to perform the Super Bowl is the fact that it is a literal life long dream of hers. If there is one thing that I support it is following your dreams no matter how crazy they sound. If you heard a four year old kid saying they wanted to perform the Super Bowl Half Time show you wouldn’t really think twice about it. Never discount someone else’s dream because you never know that child might one day grow up to be one of the biggest pop stars of the generation.

Pepsi have posted a video to twitter showing Gaga getting ready for the show. It sounds like they are rehearsing ‘Bad Romance.’ The footage was taken on the first day of rehearsals, let by Richy Jackson Gaga’s choreographer. Paws are up the ‘Bad Romance’ moves are in full swing.

The Super Bowl Half Time Show is such a prestigious platform Gaga and Jackson explain that their main focus is finding a new twist. It’s a world stage that has been graced by so many big stars, so the challenge is bringing something new to the spectacle. Rumours suggest it might be a Diplo cameo… watch this space.

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