Lukas Graham – You’re Not There

I was driving home the other day and heard this song on the radio with a familiar voice. Later I looked it up to find it was by Lukas Graham, Danish pop and soul band and best known for “7 Years” and “Mama Said.” Yes, Lukas Graham is a band. I was surprised to find that out as well and hopefully, I’m not the only one that just thought it was a solo artist with a band, but the lead singer’s name is Lukas! This isn’t a new song but it’s new to me. “You’re Not There” is about his father passing away and not being able to see him continue to grow older. In the chorus he sings “you’re not there to celebrate the man you’ve made.” Some of the lyrics really stuck out to me. Hopefully they will resinate with you too.
“Time can heal your wounds if you’re strong and standing tall
I’ve been doing all of that, it didn’t help at all
They say ‘you’ll grow older, and it’ll get better still’
Yes I will, but no it won’t”

This song kind of makes me think it can be interpreted in more ways other than the background of why this was written. Drop me a comment below and let me know what you take away from it.

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