Badge Brigade

Ok I will admit it shoes aren’t my only obsession I am in love with badges as well. All of the badges here are available from Urban Outfitters. I think everyone needs at least 3 of these in their life. If you have a denim jacket they look really good on denim. If you’re not into the denim jacket look they will go well on any fabric really. I just wouldn’t recommend putting them on a leather jacket for obvious reasons. Anyway enough chit chat check these bad boys out!


Annie Free X UO Believe Pin
US $10


Tuesday Bassen Mixed Emotions Club Pin
US $10


Annie Free X UO Vibes Pin
US $10


Adam J. Kurtz Bottled Up Feelings Pin
US $10


Adam J. Kurtz Bottled Up Feelings Pin
US $10


Stay Home Club Lapel Pin
US $10


Pintrill Peace Pin
US $12

8Sara M. Lyons Mini Ghost Pin Set
US $10

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