ASOS Shorts Sale

The New Zealand summer hasn’t been amazing so far but I feel it might just be a late bloomer. The past weekend was so incredible the sun was out, it was above 25 degrees and summer felt real. It did make me realise that the shorts department of my closet could be a replenished sometime in the near future. ASOS are currently having a sale, you know me sales are my jam! I picked out 4 of my favourite pairs of shorts  to get you inspired to get the legs out!


ASOS Knitted Shorts in Metallic Yarn
NZD$ 20.08


ASOS Drop Crotch Short Dungarees With Taping In Stone
NZD$ 50.72


ASOS Knitted Shorts With Circles Design
NZD$ 17.96


ASOS Slim Short Boiler Suit With Military Styling In Khaki
NZD$ 50.72

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