Kimonos from ASOS

Along with shoes, One Direction, unicorns and G-Wagons… I have a new obsession. This obsession is a little healthier, a little cheaper and a little more attainable which is good on all counts. I am loving kimonos. They’re so versatile. You can put a leather jacket over top to create layers and add a splash of colour or texture to a plain outfit. In the summer months they’re breezy which is good so you won’t get too hot. I don’t know why I am only discovering kimonos now but I am in love. Here are a few of my favourites from ASOS.


ASOS Oversized Collarless Denim Kimono Jacket In Blue
NZD$ 28.53


Reclaimed Vintage Brocade Pack in Blue
NZD $200.76


ASOS Kimono With Magnetic Front Wrap

NZD$ 25.36


ASOS Regular Fit Military Kimono In Khaki With Pockets
NZD$ 31.70


Religion Union Jack Jersey Kimono
NZD$ 42.27

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