Harry Styles’ Going Solo

TV commercials are becoming more and more popular for musicians to tease their upcoming ventures. There have been many artists to adopt  this tactic the most recent that I can remember was Lorde and her tease of Green Light. Since then Harry Styles has stepped out with his own dramatic but annoyingly vague TV commercial. The clip doesn’t give much away at all you see Harry walk into a smoky room and open a door. He then basks in the light before we get a close-up of his eyes. The date April 7 is obviously the date that we can expect his music. If Harry is following the trend his single is a little over a week away. The fact he is using a TV commercial to tease his music also suggests we can probably expect a video to drop with his single on April 7.

Harry has been up to tricks with his social media profiles. He has updated all of his profile pictures. It looks as though he is using a still from the TV commercial to introduce his new era as a solo artist. He has also announced that he will be performing on Saturday Night Live April 15. At this stage we’re only waiting on Liam Payne to launch his solo career and then all of the original members of One Direction will have their own solo careers.

If you missed his commercial here it is:


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