Olivia O’Brien – Empty

A couple months ago Olivia O’Brien released a new single that I absolutely love! She’s a singer-song writer from Florida and has such amazing lyrics for being 16/17! I’ll stop talking cause you’re probably confused, you might recognize her name if I mention she sings with Gnash on ‘i hate u, i love u.” The song was written by her about a boy she had a crush on and she has her full version of it just called “hate u love u,” which is equally as amazing so I’ll put that on here too! Gnash added his own lines and they did a duet kind of song with it!

Empty is about those times when life just kinda keeps dragging you down and stressing you out and just being real confusing. It’s about being so overwhelmed and your own problems inside unlike most emotional songs being about love. She’s tweeted this month that new music is coming so keep a look out! Drop a comment and tell me what you think! 🙂

-Andrea x

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