On Sale At Zambesi

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to support New Zealand brands. One of my all time favoruites is Zambesi. The reason I love Zambesi so much is they take a simple idea and make it something amazing. I wore Zambesi to the VMA’s earlier this year, one the the hardest things was deciding what to wear. I wanted something that was unique, that had personality but didn’t take away from the artists that I was interviewing. I decided on an all white outfit. I got so many compliments from various artists asking where it was from, it’s safe to say they were gutted there isn’t a Zambesi store in LA. The good news is wearing something like Zambesi at an international awards show you can almost guarantee that nobody else will be wearing the same thing. Before I kick into some of my favourite items that are currently on sale I will give you a rundown of what I wore at the VMAs.

RIB TEE – NZD $100.00
BOARDIES – NZD $190.00

Here are a few other items that are on sale now!




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