Tommy Hilfiger

I hadn’t ever owned a piece of Tommy Hilfiger clothing until I went to America earlier this year and found the most amazing Tommy outlet store downtown Las Vegas. One of my biggest regrets was only buying two t shirts. I could have brought so many more things but I just didn’t have space in my luggage to get it all home. The best thing about the internet is the fact that you don’t have to weep until the next trip to America you can go right ahead and find the items you wished you’d brought and buy them online. Here are a few of my current favourites available at ASOS. (Click the photos to visit the online store).

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Crew Sweatshirt Colorblock Logo in Grey Marl

Tommy Hilfiger Flag Logo Full Zip Hoodie in Grey Marl

Tommy Hilfiger Malcom Plimsolls

Tommy Hilfiger Flag Bobble Beanie in Navy

Tommy Hilfiger Denim T-Shirt Icon Block Stripe in Navy/White/Red


Tommy Hilfiger Denim T-Shirt Icon New York Stripe in Grey Marl

Tommy Hilfiger NYC Baseball Cap in Navy

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