Jonas Brothers Comeback?

SAY WHAT?!? Well if this is true I am quitting my job and I am going to follow the Jonas Brothers around the world… not in a creepy way just to watch their tour.

On January 15 the Jonas Brothers official Instagram account was reactivated which triggered rumours they are making a comeback. The band went their separate ways in 2013 after “creative differences” lead them towards solo careers. While the reactivation of their instagram account isn’t the most compelling evidence it definitely does make you wonder just what is going on. Is 2018 the hear we are blessed with JB5. Will it be the year that the Bonus Jonas joins the band? So many unanswered questions. All we can hope is that there will be a tour. I know this is wishful thinking but imagine if it was a Jonas Brothers x Hannah Montana reunion tour. That’s definitely a thought that is too good to be true.

Logistically thinking it isn’t impossible for the boys to continue their solo projects while also reconnecting with the band. Nick has already released two solo albums, while Joe formed DNCE who’s summer anthem “Cake By The Ocean” charted globally, as for Kevin nobody is really sure what he is up to. The Jonas Brothers were one of the most profitable bands of their time so it would definitely make sense for the boys to get back together.

While we patiently anticipate what the Jo Bro’s are up to reminisce in this absolute banger.

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