Lady Gaga – ‘Joanne’ Piano Version

Lady Gaga has announced ‘Joanne’ as her next single. This is rumoured to be the last single from the Joanne album. She celebrated the announcement by releasing a reworked version of the track. The song and album are dedicated to her late aunt, Joanne Stefani Germanotta. The emotion was raw in the original version of Joanne but with stripped-back production the emotion is even more prominent. Gaga has replaced the folk inspired strings with piano, she has transformed the single into a heart-stopping tribute and in turn has created an opportunity to say goodbye.

The accompanying video is equally delicate. Gaga gives up her life of superstardom to live a more simple life. The video alternates technicolour to black and white. She wanders along a forrest track, guitar in hand making memories along the way. While her signature hat does make an appearance the relationship with her aunt is what takes centre stage. Throughout the visual she looks up into the heavens with a knowing smile that relates back to the special bond the two had shared before Joanne’s passing.

It is highly likely that Gaga will perform the single at the upcoming grammy’s on Sunday (US) Monday (NZ). She has been nominated for two awards. Joanne was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album while “Million Reasons” is up for Best Pop Solo Performance. It seems fitting that a heartfelt performance of “Joanne” should be the track to bring the era to an end.

One thing which is different in this song compared to the original was the addition of the “XO Joanne” at the end of the song. While it’s never easy to say goodbye it really does seem that this album has been a massive part of Gaga’s grieving process. I don’t think you’re ever ready to say goodbye but maybe this is as ready as she will ever be.

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