Anne-Marie ‘Speak Your Mind’ IS OUT!

After months of waiting and anticipation we can finally listen to Anne-Marie’s album ‘Speak Your Mind’ on full. Her 2016 breakout anthem “Alarm” was a great starting point but you can tell she’s made a lot of progress since then. She has worked with a number of incredible writers, and producers on the album and in all honesty I had high expectations but she has definitely exceeded anything I could have expected with this album. “Ciao Adios” and “Friends” have already had chart success and I’ve got high hopes for her latest single “2002.”

“2002” includes a writing credit from Ed Sheeran and actually he was part of the reason the song was released before the album came out. He got busy trolling Anne-Marie on instagram and encouraged her to release the song early. “Leak 2002 do the world a favour” read one comment while another more simple message read “Leak 2002.” Obviously Anne-Marie appreciates Ed’s perspective as Thursday night the internet went crazy for the unreleased song. It was the perfect tase test for what we could expect from the upcoming album. It actually isn’t the first time Anne-Marie and Ed Sheeran have worked together you might remember when they performed “Ciao Adios” together backstage while on tour in May Last Year.

Her collaboration with Marshmello “Friends” was a known highlight before the album was even released. The track quickly became one of her biggest hits year and is currently sitting right outside the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has nearly 250 million streams on Spotify and has the ability to soar higher in the coming weeks. It’s hard to pick a favourite track because the entire LP manages to compete with her previously released bops. It’s not often there’s an album where you like every single one of the songs. This is one of those albums. Stream it below and see for yourself just how good it is.


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