Amy Shark – “I Said Hi”

Amy Shark is an artist I am sure you have heard of, if you haven’t let me catch you up. Amy first gained traction on New Zealand radio for her 2016 break up anthem “Adore,” the song now has 6.7 million streams on Youtube. She backed this up with an equally catchy track about living for the weekend fittingly the song was titled “Weekends.” Earlier this year she worked with Jack Anternoff on a “Sink In” which was featured on the Love Simon Soundtrack. Amy has been in and out of New Zealand performing Laneway, Flochella and on her own headline tour.

The song perfectly takes you on the journey of emotion you feel when going through a break up. Some days you’re feeling strong others you feel broken. “I Said Hi” takes you on the emotional journey of feeling broken by a break up to the moment when you realise that you can do this better on your own. While in the first days after a break up you crave that person in time you learn to live without them and the desire to talk to them diminishes. Eventually the stranger that you once new is exactly that once again. A stranger.

Adding to her already impressive repertoire of heartfelt anthems Amy has just released the video for her latest break up bop “I Said Hi” the video follows her through the back streets of suburbia. While the concept of the video is simple it is visually stunning and it does take you on a journey. From the initial moments of feeling alone as she wanders the back streets of suburbia by herself to the moments when she is playing a gig and her life returns to some form of equilibrium.

Amy Shark has just announced her 6 date ‘Love Monster Tour’ which currently is limited to Australia, here’s hoping she makes her way across the ditch to visit kiwi fans. She’s keeping the tour within her Australian family seeking support from E^ST and Alexander Biggs. Amy brings her heartfelt songs to life on the stage. Her live vocals set the mark for her live performances. The energy and emotion she brings to the stage is a spectacle to experience. Forget the laser lights and smoke machines, what you see is what you get an incredible artist and her guitar.


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